Before the Count

  • Creating a Count Program

This short presentation provides background for organizations interested in collecting active transportation count information for studies, grant applications, and long term monitoring. SCAG is working with Caltrans and local county partners to improve suggestions and will update this presentation as new information becomes available.

Creating a Count Program

Bicycle Counter Siting Memo

Example Regional Bikeway Counter Stratification File for Los Angeles County

Example Bikeway Stratification Shapefile for Los Angeles County

Pedestrian Counter Siting Methodology

Caltrans Interim Count Methodology Guidance for Active Transportation Program (ATP)

Spreadsheet Template for Manual Upload

  • Using the ATDB to Register Locations, Users, and Automated Counters

This presentation highlights the step by step process one should take to set up counts in the database and assign counters to locations. It walks the user through options for both manual counts using the Mobile Counter App as well as how to set up locations prior to uploading data for short duration and permanent automated counts.

Using the ATDB to Register Locations, Users, and Automated Counters

During the Count

  • Manual Count - Mobile Counter App

This presentation provides an overview of how to use the Mobile Counter app, including how to register for the app, manage your count locations, and conduct a count in the field.

Using the Mobile Counter App

Mobile Counter App

  • Manual Count - Paper Tally Forms

This presentation provides an overview of how to use the paper manual count forms if using the Mobile Counter App is not an option.

Using Paper Count Forms

Paper Count Forms

After the Count

  • Uploading Data - Manual Count Forms and Mobile Counter App Data

This presentation walks you through how to upload data from the manual count forms.

Uploading and Approving Manual Count Data

  • Short Duration Automated Counters and Permanent Automated Counters

These presentations walk you through how to upload data gathered using short duration portable automated counters and permanent automated counters.

Portable Automated Counters

Permanent Automated Counters

  • Viewing and Downloading Data

This presentation outlines how you can sort and filter data based on geography in the data viewing portal. It also provides suggestions on how to use the other layers of data in planning efforts.

Using the Map Viewer to Download and View Count Data

Regional Bikeway Shapefile Project

SCAG is working with partners in each of its six counties to develop a standardized bicycle shapefile detailing the existing and planned bicycle routes within the region. Validation of the data is being done through one on one interviews with each of the cities. SCAG plans to develop a crowdsourcing application to allow additional input on the product. The current shapefile is available on SCAG's GIS Open Data Portal . SCAG expects to update this file annually or when significant planning activities are completed. The data dictionary details the desired metadata that should be collected as part of active transportation planning projects and provided to SCAG upon completion. Finally, SCAG will provide this file on a bi-annual basis to third party mapping companies such as Google to inform their products.

Bikeway Shapefile Metadata Dictionary